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Welcome to an Example MediaWiki Instance Hosted on Algebrist!

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Getting started

Quick Start

MediaWiki takes the approach of not providing a real dashboard for editing. In the long run this makes things way easier but it can be a bit weird at the very start. For example if you look to a button to create a new page you wont find one. However, it is very easy to make new pages. Say you want to make a page called


then you would, in the URL bar, enter

. On that page you will see the option to create it!

A lot of stuff in MediaWiki is like this, there's not a button for it but its actually quite easy. The docs are super helpful and well done.


There are a few latex plugins for MediaWiki. I've installed the SimpleMathJax plugin. This works using MathJax on You can make a math enviroment using the math HTML tag.

\( \frac{\lambda}{\alpha} = 4 \)